Dog Facts

Why do dogs like to lick your feet?


Dogs licks human feet to indicate feelings, status and gather information. A dog use millions of scent receptor cells in its nose and mouth to process information about a human through a human’s feet.

To show its acceptance in a human family, a dog will lick the feet of those people to whom the dog feels affection or submissive; when a dog licks your feet, it’s indicate its position in the pack; the dog acknowledging you as its master, showing submission and it’s also display its loyalty.

Dogs love to lick humans’ feet to get attention; the next time your dog licks your foot, it might just want you to throw their ball or grab them a treat. Another reason why dogs lick humans’ feet, is to relieve stress or beat boredom. Dogs may lick our feet because they like the way we taste.

As a human body secretes sweat, the sweat releases information about the individual that can be processed by the dog. The human foot is a location in which many sweat glands can be found. It is possible that human feet are a source of information about their owner for the dog. Sweat glands release moisture that contains salts, water and waste products. This is typical of the eccrine glands that are located on the feet and the rest of the body.

When a dog licks human feet, the dog is making a signal about its position in relation to the human and it is learning about the human.  Your dog can make you feel affectionate towards it by licking your feet which is great for your relationship with your dog. The activity of licking a humans’ feet can draw a dog closer to its family.