Dog Facts

Why do dogs bark?


Dogs have a lot to say, and they do it by barking; There are many reasons why dogs bark as well as using several different types of barking to communicate.

Your dog may bark for interaction, when you are engaged in another activity, or it may want to eat and go outside. Dogs will bark at windows, fences, people, other animals and cars that go by. Your dog is barking in the presence of “intruders”, which may include people and other dogs.

Too much barking or barking at inappropriate times can be a problem.

Excessive barking can be considered a nuisance, especially from your neighbors. Knowing why your dog is barking is key to modifying the undesired behavior.

Positive reinforcement is always a good method of behavior modification, which includes distracting your dog while he is barking with a treat or through clicker training. The use of bark collars is not recommended as this may cause the dog become fearful.

A burking problem is much easier to prevent than to cure.

When you have determined the situation that cause your dog to bark excessively, there are steps that can be taken that may control the problem of barking. If the dog barks, use an appropriate correction and make sure you correct while the barking is occurring. Reward the dog when it is quiet and well behaved.