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The Littlest Hobo


The Littlest Hobo is a Canadian television series based upon a 1958 American film of the same name. The series first aired from 1963 to 1965, and was revived for a popular second run, spanning six seasons, from October 1979 to March 1985.

Story revolved around a stray German Shepherd, the titular Hobo, who wanders from town to town, helping people in need.

Although the concept (of a dog saving the day) was perhaps similar to that of Lassie, the Littlest Hobo’s destiny was to befriend those who apparently needed help, portrayed by well known actors in celebrity guest appearance roles.

Despite the attempts of the many people whom he helped to adopt him, he appeared to prefer to be on his own, and would head off by himself at the end of each episode.

Never actually named on-screen, the dog is often referred to by the name Hobo or by the names given by temporary human companions.

Hobo’s background is also unexplained on-screen.

His origins, motivation and ultimate destination are also never explained.

Although some characters appeared in more than one episode, the only constant was the Littlest Hobo himself.

The series theme song, “Maybe Tomorrow”, was sung by Terry Bush.