Breeds 101

Skye Terrier


One of the oldest Terrier breeds, going back to the 1500’s, the Skye Terrier originated off the coast of Scotland on the Isle of Skye; This exceptionally long-haired terrier is named after its Scottish Hebridean island of origin.

Farmers relied on the plucky, long-haired Skye Terrier to hunt vermin such as fox, badger, and otter, and weasel tracking.

Popular for centuries, the Skye Terrier was at one time the favored dog of the royal courts of Scotland and England; The Skye’s popularity surged in the mid-1800’s when Queen Victoria declared her affection for the breed.

Greyfriar’s Bobby, is said to have been a Skye Terrier; For 14 years after his master’s death in the mid 1800’s, despite being given good homes, Bobby escaped and revisited his master’s favorite café each day until his own death; A statue in the dog’s memory stands near Greyfriar’s Church in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Inclined to be snappy when provoked, and perhaps not ideal for children, the Skye can be intensely loyal. The Skye bring its natural enthusiasm to whatever task it takes on – agility competitor, tracking champion, or loyal home companion; It is ideal for the city.


Short but substantial; Females: 10 to 12 inches; Males: 11 to 14 inches; 25 to 40 pounds.


Black, blue, grey, silver, fawn, or cream.


Loyal, friendly, mild mannered; fearless hunter with surprising strength and stamina; affectionate with family; cautious with strangers; a good watchdog.

Energy level:


Best owner:

Active owner with Terrier experience.


Daily exercise, leash, fenced yard, obedience training; regular combing and an occasional bath.

Life Expectancy:

12 to 14 years.