Breeds 101


PapillonThe dainty looking Papillon is a powder puff in disguise.

With dramatic ears reminiscent of a butterfly`s wings ( papillon means butterfly in French), small size, and a fine, silky, and abundant coat, this breed looks like a classic lapdog, content to spend its life watching the world go by. Not so. When trained correctly the Papillon, like the Pomeranian, excels at obedience training. It is well constructed, fit breed, suitable for town or countryside. Like with most toy breeds, there is a physical tendency to suffer from slipping kneecaps and a psychological tendency to be possessive towards its owner.

Stories say that the Papillon is descended from 16th-century Spanish Dwarf Spaniel. Its shape and long coat, however, suggest northern spitz blood in its origins.

Though its name — French for “butterfly,” for the butterfly effect of dog’s fringed ears — and much of its development can be traced to France, the breed gained a good deal of its popularity in Spain and Italy.

Papillon is small (tiny) size dog, 8 to 11 inches. He is parti-color or white with patches of any color(s).

Papillon has happy, obedient, and playful temperament, and it’s friendly toward other pets. It’s a capable watchdog.

Fun-loving, active people who can take charge are the best owners for Papillon.

His energy level is high and he needs time for play, positive training methods, twice-weekly brushing of coat and regular teeth brushing.

Life expectancy: 14 to 18 years.