Breeds 101

Large Munsterlander


The Large Munsterlander is a breed of gun dog originally from the Munster region in Germany.

The Large Munsterlander’s survival was based more upon negatives than positives.

As the Long-haired Pointer declined, a breed club was formed to save that breed, adopting as its standards only liver and white specimens.

However, hunters in the Munster region of Germany, interested in both form and function, continued to breed from black and white dogs that appeared in litters.

In 1919 its breed club was formed and like its smaller relative, the Small Munsterlander, it is becoming increasingly popular outside Germany.

The Large Munsterlander thrives on companionship.

Large Munsterlander should be 60 to 65 cm (24 to 26 in) at the withers for males, 58 to 63 cm (23 to 25 in) for females. It should weigh approximately 30 kg (66 lb).

The coat is black and white with hair of medium length. Due to the nature of the piebald gene, the amount of black in an individual’s coat pattern is highly variable, ranging from predominantly white to predominantly black.

Loyal, affectionate and trustworthy.

Energy level: Medium to high.

Best owner: Hunter, athletes in suburban or rural home.

Needs: Daily exercise, fenced yard, consistent training…

Life expectancy: Over 10 years