Breeds 101

Kerry Blue Terrier


By government decree a national dog of Ireland, the Kerry Blue Terrier has its origins in County Kerry in Ireland; The breeds’ date of origin is 1700’s. It was internationally recognized in 1922, when the breed standard was fixed by a British breeder, Mrs. Casey Hewit. Its other name is Irish Blue Terrier.

The Kerry Blue Terrier was a farm dog – herding livestock, hunting vermin, and retrieving over land and water.

Kerry Blue Terriers’ puppies are born black, but the breed’s striking coat changes color with maturity; Their coat color changes to blue between nine and 24 months of age; In general, the earlier the coat changes color, the lighter it will become.

With no undercoat and a non-shedding topcoat, the Kerry Blue Terrier is a good household pet; It has excelled as a police dog, as well as in herding and trailing.

The breed became known outside of Ireland until the 1920’s.


Medium: Female: 17 to 19 inches; 30 to 35 pounds; Male: 18 to 19 inches, 33 to 40 pounds.


Blue grey when mature.


Energetic, enthusiastic, fun-loving; independent-a hunter; Can be protective with strangers and aggressive to other dogs and small animals.

Energy level:


Best owner:

Active owner with training experience.


Daily mental and physical exercise; leash, fenced yard; early and consistent training; weekly brushing and combing plus monthly scissoring and shaping.

Life Expectancy:

12 to 16 years.