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How to stop dogs from digging?


Dogs dig for a many of reasons. It’s important to realize that digging is a very natural instinctive behavior in dogs.

One of the biggest frustrations of the dog ownership is trying to establish how to stop dogs from digging. Digging dogs can make a real mess of the garden.

Excessive digging problems can put a strain on the owner-dog relationship. If you don’t clearly communicate to your dog that his digging is unacceptable behavior, he won’t realize that he is doing anything wrong.

To learn how to stop your dog from digging it is important to determine the reasons why your dog is digging in the first place.

The most common reasons why your dog is digging may be: for food storage purposes; to bury items they want to save for later, like a favorite chew or toy; it may just seek your attention; If it is digging under the fence it may be want to get out to search for a mate; some dogs dig because they are attempting an escape or because they are anxious; to cool themselves down or warm themselves up. May be your dog simply likes to digging.

Each cause needs a specific solution.

Monitor your dog every time he goes out in the yard until you get this behavior under control. When your dog start to dig, distract him with a novel noise, such as clapping your hands or blowing a loud whistle. You disrupt your dog’s digging, interrupt his train of thought, and redirect him to something different and fun, like chasing a ball; you can also is very effective to toss a handful of small treats onto the ground.

You can clearly mark the appropriate digging area. Mark the area by using low plant borders of fences from your local home improved store, or set out small flags. You can teach your dog to leave something alone with a “leave it” command, when you teach him to do this by rewarding him for first ignoring, then turning away and walking away from a location you want him to avoid. Serving your dogs’ meals or some special treats within two or three food puzzle toys may help keep his paws busy.