Dog Facts

How much does a dog cost?


Can we buy love?

Dogs truly are love that money can buy. But the expense surely doesn’t end with the purchase.

Sure, the love and affection are free, but unfortunately, other life necessities are not. Even free dogs cost money.

Think about this, for example…

Let’s say, a medium-sized dog, he can easily eat, chew, and barf his way through more than $900 a year. For quality food you need around $300 or more. Dog tags average anywhere from $10 to $50. Even if your dog is healthy all year, veterinarian bill can still cost just for exams, vaccinations, flea control, and heartworm prevention. For a dog who needs professional grooming, you need at least another $150 per year. Oh, and if go on vacation, you may have to pay someone to babysit your dog. Plus, maybe occasional dog walker can tack on another $100 a year.

If you like to buy fancy treats — and Frisbees, tennis balls and accessories? Another $100. That’s without replacing the chewed baseboards, couch cushions, and shoes. Not to mention all those training classes you’ll want to try.

The first year of dog ownership is often the costliest. Puppies need lots of supplies and preventive care to start a good life. If you’re interested in a purebred pup, keep in mind that dogs with impressive pedigrees and real show prospects are almost always more expensive.