Breeds 101



The Greyhound is one of the oldest breeds known; A 4.900-year-old carving on an Egyptian tomb confirms that claim.

The Greyhound was exported to Spain, China, Persia and elsewhere. Important breed developments were made in Great Britain when the Greyhound was bred by royalty.

Its name derives from the old Saxon word “grei”, meaning fine, or beautiful.

Spanish explorers brought the breed to the U.S. in the 1500-s.

The Greyhound uses vision and speed to overtake prey, and was used to hunt deer, fox and hare in the field or desert, or a mechanical rabbit on a dog track; It is capable of reaching 60 km/h (37 mph).

Today the Greyhound is a sweet, lively and delightful companion; Dogs that have retired from racing have a tendency to chase anything that moves.


Large; Females: 27 to 28 inches, 60 to 65 pounds; Males: 28 to 30 inches, 65 to 70 pounds.


White, fawn, red, red brindle, black brindle or black.


Quiet, well mannered, calm, sensitive; can be timid, reserved with strangers; sometimes loves to chase.

Energy level:

Medium to high; lower in dogs older than age 3.

Best owner:

Active owner in rural and suburban home.


Daily exercise (long leashed walks with sprints), patient training, soft bedding and warm surroundings, sometimes brushing.

Life expectancy:

10 to 13 years.