Breeds 101

English Springer Spaniel


This leggy, powerful dog needs constant mental and physical stimulation; if these are denied, it can be quite destructive.

A gundog with unlimited stamina, the English Springer Spaniel thrives on physical activity, be it flushing game or retrieving tennis balls.

English Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels were originally born in the same litters and not until 1902 did the English Kennel Club separate the breeds.

English Springer Spaniel, the larger of the two, were used in the field for flushing or “springing” animals in hiding.

Today, it is Great Britain’s most popular working spaniel, although its bird-dog abilities were first appreciated in the United States.

Perhaps the root stock of all working spaniels, this breed was portrayed in paintings from the mid-1600’s.

The Springer Spaniel continues to thrive, gaining popularity with hunters as a versatile, vigorous gundog who can both flush and retrieve game.

Many consider the breed to be the ideal family canine companion.

Medium; females 19 inches, 40 pounds; males 20 inches, 50 pounds.

Color: Black and white, liver and white, or tricolor; may have ticking.

Cheerful, playful, and energetic; affectionate and devoted to family. Good as a house pet if outlets for energy are provided.

Energy level: Medium-high.

Best owner: Active owner in a suburban or rural home.

Daily mental and physical exercise (hunting preferred, but obedience sessions and field outings will do), fenced yard, twice-weekly brushing plus clipping every couple months.

Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years.