Dog Facts

Do dogs read our minds?


Dogs observe human behavior to understand our thoughts.

Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by man.

The first canine companions were wolves, which evolved into the breeds of today. Today, our canine companions have become more than pets, they’re family.

There are many researches about the question: can dogs read our minds?

For example: dogs can tell what their owners think of strangers from their reactions; They base their respond to strangers on how their owners act, and use that information to decide whether to be friendly or hostile. The attitude of dogs varied depending on if their master approached, remained still or moved away from strangers.

Our canine companions seem to want to comfort us when we are sad, protect us when we are frightened, play with us when we are happy; so we can say that in some way our dogs can read our minds. They want to spend all their time right by our sides, ready to respond to any emotion we might experience.