Dog Facts

Do dogs read our body language?


Dogs are experts at reading body language, and not just each other’s; they can read human body language too.

Dogs can read their owners like a book.

Our movements, posture and even our glances tell our dog companions a lot about what we are thinking and feeling. If you act happy, your dog will wag excitedly and present its favorite toy to toss; hang your head in sorrow and it’ll slink over and affectionately press its head in your lap.

A dogs’ understanding of body language probably explains their uncanny ability to find the one person in the room who doesn’t like dogs.

We know how powerful a dogs’ sense of smell is. Smell is a dog s’ primary sense; they interpret the world predominately through their olfactory system; but they can also read a body language.

Dogs and humans have a complex language of facial expressions, body posture and vocalizations that promote bonding. At some point of history, early dogs learned to decode human nonverbal language.