Dog Facts

Do dogs make you live longer?


Yes. Having a dog can make you live longer.

Dogs are man’s best friend.

There are many individual studies point to the benefits of dogs for our good health.

Dogs are regular visitors to many hospitals and nursing homes.

Stress leads us to bunch of terrible habits, and these stress relievers lead to heart attacks, strokes, and multiple types of cancers.

One way to eliminate stress is owning a dog.

For example:
Stock Brokers who got dogs have a lower blood pressure and heart rate than those who didn’t get dogs.

When you are home alone, if you have a dog, you will always have company and someone you can cuddle with. It is proven fact that cuddling reduces stress.

Your dog will never be mad at you.

Exercise is very important for our health. If you own a dog, you are forced to walk him at least two times a day.

Dogs make a person’s life so much easier. When you are lonely they give you company, and when you are down they bring you up.