Dog Facts

Do dogs love us?


Yes, dogs love us very, very much.

Every dog owner sometimes wondering: does my dog loves me and how much he or she loves me? There are many studies that explore does dogs capable to love.

We already know that our dog loves us. We can see it in its eyes, smile, tail wags and many other things. Dogs understand the world through their noses. Some scientists conducted a neuroimaging study about odor processing in dogs’ brains. They found that dogs reward centers lit up like fireworks when presented with their owners’ familiar smell.

Another study that researched vocal communication between dogs and humans found that emotionally heavy vocal sounds are processed similarly in both species. It is no need neuroimaging to see that communication between dogs and people works. Dogs are the only species that when frightened or anxious run to their humans for comfort, and they seek eye contact with their humans.

Love is not easily defined and it is not something that can be measured. Love is powerful, and it’s something to be enjoyed.

If we love our dog, he or she will love us maybe even unconditionally; it means that we should be good with them in our behavior.