Dog Facts

Do dogs lose teeth?

Dog teethYes, dogs definitely lose teeth.
First, they start to grow teeth when they are still puppies. Puppies are born without any tooth. The puppy begins to lose its baby teeth at age three to seven months. These milk teeth will be pushed by the growing permanent teeth. The incisors begin to fall off when the puppy is three months old, a time when adult teeth are growing. A month after, at four months old, the adult canines start to come out. The permanent molars will come out when your pet is six to seven months old. The full second set of teeth will all be out when the dog reaches seven or eight months of age.
The teething episode is too painful for the dog. The inconvenience continues for several months – until the duration of the teething process is completed.
To relieve the pain, you will notice that puppies bite and bite any object that it sees. This provides them with relief.