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Do dogs like turtles?

TurtleAll dogs, even the most obedient ones, have a natural prey drive and a dose of curiosity about new things. When dog sees a turtle, who is likely no large in size, that little reptile may appear to be a moving toy or potential prey to him. Even if he doesn’t mean to hurt them, he could try to pick them in his mouth to play with, which can damage her shell or body.
The best way to prevent problems between, if you have a pet turtle and a pet dog, is to create a habitat for your turtle that your dog simply can’t access. Create a separate dog run in your yard to further keep your two types of pets apart. For aquatic turtles, keep them in glass enclosures with a secure top in a room of your home that dog doesn’t have access to.
Not only dog can harm turtle, but turtle can accidentally harm him too by transferring salmonella bacteria to him, which could make your dog very sick.
Turtles and other reptiles carry salmonella and shed it in their feces, which can get on their shell and skin. If dog licks or bites a turtle, he could get the bacteria.
Never allow you pet turtle to nibble from dog’s dish because some turtles will eat dog food and this too might transfer salmonella to your dog. Clean any areas frequented by your turtle regularly and wash your hands before handling your dog after handling your turtle.