Dog Facts

Do dogs like to be bathed?


No, dogs don’t like to be bathed.

To your dog, a bath means having the worst time of its life.

Many dogs don’t like bath-time; Their fear isn’t completely irrational; water is scary, not to mention being suds up and groped. Your dog’s fear of the bath may stem from an earlier time when it associated the bath with something traumatic. Maybe it was shuffled into the bath against its will as a puppy and doused with cold water.

If your dog is super sensitive about being touched, a bath is the worst thing ever. You are touching him everywhere, massaging the shampoo in, manipulating the body around to reach certain areas, lifting their paws and tail.

Some dogs are super sensitive to heat, and that includes water and blow dryer; some dogs are sensitive to the hard spray of the shower head. The sound of water rushing through the pipes, blowing out the faucet and then getting sucked down the drain is enough to make some dogs rebel against the whole bath thing.

It’s not easy for your dog to sit back and relax when it is getting all spruced up. It maybe not fit well in your tub or its doggy bath; the water sometimes feels too cold; soap can find its way into its eyes.

Whatever reason your dog has for fearing the bath, you can alleviate those fears and make bath time fun time – or at least something it tolerates. Slowly introduce your dog to the bath, give him a treat when he responds positively; you can play with him near the tub, feeding him a treat when he nears it and slowly getting closer to it every day will make him think the tub means something good always happens.

When you do bathe him, appear calm and gentle instead of assertive and controlling; Make sure you don’t get shampoo in his eyes or mouth; be sure the water is warm but not hot; never spray him in the face with water.