Dog Facts

Do dogs like music?


Yes, dogs like some types of music.

People wonder if dogs have the same type of reaction to music as humans. There are many studies about music and dogs.

Dogs have a much more sensitive set of ears than humans do. They can hear higher sound frequencies on a hertz scale, while humans can hear lower  frequencies.

Some psychologists and Animal Behaviorists studied dog’s reactions to music by exposing them to mainstream, heavy metal and classical songs. Heavy metal had dogs barking and anxious, but classical music encouraged pets to calm down and relax.

When a dog responds to a song differently it may be that they find a sound annoying to them. If your dog responds to a song positively, it may be because they like a certain sound.

There is also the theory that dogs don’t really pay attention to the actual music, but they pay more attention to how music is affecting their owner. Dogs like to see their owners calm, relaxed and happy.