Dog Facts

Do dogs like mirrors? Most people are puzzled by the fact that dogs seem to ignore images of themselves reflected in a mirror. Puppies encountering mirrors for the first time may treat the image as if it is another dog. They may bark at it, or give a little bow and an invitation to play. However, after a short while they lose interest.
When we humans look into a mirror we immediately recognize that the image that we are gazing at is our own. We are not born with the ability. Babies may be fascinated by their reflection; however they view this as a social interaction with another baby. Somewhere between the age of 18 and 24 months babies begin to understand that they are looking at themselves in a mirror.
Chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas and dolphins respond with the same evidence of self-awareness like humans with mirror images of themselves. However dogs either treat the image as another animal, or come to ignore it completely.
The most important sense for dogs is not sight, but is smell. Dogs certainly seem to recognize the scent of familiar dogs and people, and if they have a sense of self then perhaps rather than asking them to recognize their own reflection we should ask them to recognize their own scent.