Dog Facts

Do dogs like massage?


Yes, many dogs like massage; They first getting the massages from their moms.

Reading your dogs’ behavior is important, so it’s wise of you to be certain about its reaction; does your dog get up and move away from you, or does it move towards you; if you take your hands away does it lean back into them; does your dog close its eyes and relax almost fall asleep; all this means that your dog is enjoying it.

There are lots of different ways to massage your dog. Bonding with your dog in this way is wonderful, it gives them a real sense of calm and relaxation. If your dog is a working dog or very active, they get sore muscles, so massage can help ease any aches or pain; it’s even more important for our senior citizen dogs; arthritis can create a lot of discomfort for your dog.

The massage techniques used on dogs are nearly the same as those performed on humans; canine massage therapy helps to increase the flow of oxygenated blood in dogs, improves their joint flexibility, makes them feel relaxed, relives them from pain and contributes to strengthening their immune system.

A dog massage is very helpful in dogs and veterinarians are prescribe it alongside conventional medications; it improves blood circulation to the area being treated. Massaging your dog has other health benefits; you’ll be more likely to notice any abnormalities, such as skin rushes or lumps that appear suddenly. You only need to spend fifteen minutes massaging your dog; you’ll start to notice what your dog enjoys, and what isn’t so pleasant for him.

Start your massage at his front end, and use circular movements of your fingertips to massage its temples; use long slow strokes down your dogs’ neck, and firmly knead the muscles; use your fingertips to press along each side of his spinal column to relax any tight muscles; effleurage can be used on the sides of his torso and down its legs; you can finish up by kneading his limb muscles.

If you’d like to improve your dogs’ massage skills, you can take a course to learn deep tissue techniques.