Dog Facts

Do dogs like crates?


Crates are great tool for keeping mischievous canines out of trouble and for traveling.

Crates were not designed to contain dogs for very long periods of time. Dogs who are over crated can become destructive, hyperactive, anxious, or even develop bladder infections from having to “hold it” all day. No dog should ever be crated more than five or six hours per day.

If properly introduced to his crate, a dog will come to treat it as his bedroom. Not all dogs like a crate and it’s cruel to force a dog showing fear and anxiety to use one. If your dog fears the crate, he’ll look incredibly scared: ears flat, tail down, trembling and may even vomit or defecate.

Never force a dog into a crate.

Sometimes they may seem happy when you first put them in, but when you return you see damage to the crate caused by attempts to escape. There are a worrying number of people who overuse crates with their dogs.

For the small number of dogs that truly fear a crate, you should attempt to crate train your dog, because this really is only small number of dogs. The benefits to crating are huge.