Dog Facts

Do dogs like blankets?


Yes, dogs like blankets because they feel nice, comfortable, warm and safe under them.

It is very cute when our dog friends snuggle under the blankets. Dogs are den animals which means their instinct is to sleep or relax in a small, covered space. It is perfectly natural for your dog to choose to sleep in a cozy, comfy, protected space in your home.

Pre-domesticated dogs were maternal den animals. Mother dogs would birth and wean their pups, for up to 3 months, in a protected and covered space.

When your dog burrows under the blankets, he is craving the comfort and security of its natural sleep environment. Small and tight spaces make your dog feel safe and secure. Being hidden by the blankets gives him extra sense of security.

When your dog is tucked away under the blankets, it feels surrounded, even swaddled and feeling firm pressure has been suggested to improve brain chemistry for anxious dogs. Some dog breeds will even seem to prefer to burrow for entertainment.

The pressure of the blankets snug around your dog probably makes your dogs’ brain release happy chemicals that give it a sense of security and well-being and maybe even fun.