Dog Facts

Do dogs like air condition?

air-conditionDogs probably enjoy cold air during hot summer days as much as we do, but should you leave air condition on for your dog while you are away?

Sometimes it is obvious that your dog can feel the heat, but what is really important is humidity. Dogs cool themselves by panting, a process of exchanging warm air from their lungs for the cooler air. This is harder to achieve when it is hot and humid, so there is increased risk for heat stress and exhaustion. Leaving the air conditioning might help to keep dog cool but you can also consider other options, e.g. basements are typically cooler than the rest of house, so if your basement is a comfortable place for your dog, having them spend time down there during a heat wave could be a good idea. Dogs should also always have access to fresh water.

It is important to observe your dog and adjust the indoor temperature according to its needs. If your dog is constantly by the AC vent, you should probably keep it on.