Dog Facts

Do dogs have sense of time?


Well, no.

Research on how dogs perceive time is limited.

But we can learn more about it when look at the extensive research done on other animals, such as rodents, birds and primates.

Researchers says that animals are “stuck in time” or “living in the moment”, because they can’t mentally “time travel” backward and forward.

Animals might be trained to do things in the same way young children are trained to do things (a dog can know how to respond to the command “sit” without having a memory of the specific event in which it learned that command).

Dogs have remarkable abilities, but as their loving owners, we tend to inflate their skills and project human characteristics onto our canine friends.

When we see our dogs predict dinnertime accurately, we might assume that their perception of time is even superior to our own.

And though it might be true that dogs are more in tune with their circadian oscillators, evidence indicates that their understanding of time is not nearly as complex as ours.

So, it seems that while an animal’s natural instinct might be remarkably sophisticated, it probably pales in comparison to the advantages of human understanding.