Dog Facts

Do dogs have sense of humor?


Yes, dogs have their own sense of humor.

The dogs’ enjoyment of life and humorous antics they display are one of the main reasons that we enjoy living with dogs. Dogs do vary in their personalities, however, with some being more serious individuals than others.

Dogs are good at watching us and learning from our actions, but are they capable of understanding when they do something funny that makes us laugh and then repeat that behavior for our amusement. Many dog owners see human characteristics in their dogs.

Some researchers have found that dogs can laugh and express their happiness when playing with other dogs or humans. The laugh is a distinct pattern of breathy pants which is different from panting that indicates your dog is hot or tired from racing around; it’s not uncommon for a laughing dog to smile.

Dogs are aware when they do something we find funny; some dogs have no problem finding ways to amuse and entertain themselves.

Most dog owners have plenty of examples of things their dog has done that made them laugh; for example: running around in a room full of people with a “prize” stolen from the clothes hamper, a dog pulling another dog’s tail during play, hiding from and then leaping on an unsuspecting playmate before racing away with the other dog close behind.

Dog’s sense of humor probably is based on how you respond when he does playful, cute or funny things; if you laugh at his antics, he gets positive reinforcement, which will likely cause him to repeat its performance, especially if he is rewarded with a treat.