Dog Facts

Do dogs have feelings?


Yes, dogs do have feelings, very much like people do.

There is no doubt that the best friend of man is capable of reasoning, but the question “do they have true feelings” is often asked.

Feelings of dogs are not associated with complex thoughts. They don’t have doubts and motives. Dog’s feelings are honest and pure. Your dog is never lying when expressing love to you.

It is very hard to believe that dogs have feelings but it is true; Researchers have looked at the dog’s psychology, and confirmed that our best friend feel anxiety and stress.

The emotions of our four-legged friends can be clearly read on their faces and their bodies. Anxiety and stress, however are less easily observed. Usually, dilated pupils, trembling limbs, twitching, ears folded back, or refusal to eat, are all signs that should alert trainers.

Most people can easily read their dogs emotions. Joy, pain, sadness, grief, excitement – Dog owners knows that their companions experience a range of emotions. For example: When you come home, your dog dances around you wagging its tail and you know that your dog is happy.

Many studies have proven that dog’s brain can produce the same hormones the same way as humans during emotional states. Dogs also have oxytocin hormone which is secreted in humans when they feel love or affection about others.

According the same chemistry and psychology it seems reasonable to say that dogs have the same feelings like humans do. It is important to listen to them, watch them, try to understand them, to ensure their well-being and create a special relationship with our dogs.