Dog Facts

Do dogs get headaches?


Yes, dogs get headaches.

There is a lot of speculations about whether dogs get headaches or not. Common sense suggests that any creature with a head and pain perception has the basic capacity to suffer from headaches. Dogs have a developed brain and they have extremely powerful senses and the possibility of them getting a headache is very high.

Dogs and humans have been together for more than 50.000 years; we understand very well their body language and dogs also shows some signs which are very similar when humans’ have a headache. When a dog suffers from a headache, depending on the severity of its pain, it might show a variety of weird behaviors. A dog with a headache might have some of the following symptoms:

A dog might seek out a dark, quiet place if a headache is making him sensitive to light or sound;it also tend to sleep more than the usually would;  it doesn’t want you to touch his head or neck; it may rub his head against the furniture or your body; a dog may uncharacteristically avoid people; it may shy away from loud noises like the television or radio; it avoid activities, even their favourite ones and wants to be alone; it may appear to squint his eyes or act like light hurts his eyes; a dog may look for a cool play to rest his head; it may not be interested in eating or may lay his head down while eating.

Many of these symptoms can also be symptoms of more serios illnesses; you probably don’t want to take your dog to the vet if he has a minor headache that will disappear in a couple of hours; if your dog has some of these symptoms on a regular basis, you will want to have a vet examine your dog to find out if there is a serious health problem.

If they are experiencing a headache, you can try dog safe medicines like paracetamol, but if that doesn’t work, the problem could be more serious. In that case visit a vet as dogs show similar signs in medical problems like allergies, high blood pressure, eye condition or even a neurological disorder.

We don’t know how often dogs get headaches or if they are common in dogs. Dogs generally are very stoic about pain and don’t show signs that they feel pain, unless it is very noticeable. Dogs do get headaches, but they don’t get headaches just like humans do. They have symptomatic headaches as a warning to something even more serious. If your dog shows signs similar to having a headache, it’s better to visit a vet.