Dog Facts

Do dogs eat peanut butter?


Yes,  generally dogs can eat peanut butter.

For healthy dogs, which don’t have any issues with being overweight or health problems, small amounts of peanut butter every now and then is more than fine. You must feed your dog only with natural, organic and raw peanut butter, without any added sugar, salt and preservatives, all of which are potentially toxic for your dog.

Dogs like to eat the peanut butter very much; they love its flavour. Peanut butter contains: Vitamin E – for good immunity system; Magnesium; Dietary fibber; Folate; Arginine; Antioxidants.

Nowadays, many peanut butter brands include the sugar substitute xylitol, which is very toxic and potentially deadly to dogs. Here are some signs that might suggest xylitol toxicity in your dog: disorientation, staggering, panting, collapsing. If you suspect your dog has ingested even the tiniest bit of xylitol, immediate contact your veterinarian.

Here is why peanut butter can be bad for your dog. Aflatoxins are naturally occurring mycotoxins that are produced by a fungus called Aspergillus; and peanuts have them in spades. Mycotoxins are one of the most carcinogenic substances. A few years ago, Consumers Union found that the aflatoxins in peanut butter varied from brand to brand.

Trans fats are the result of a highly toxic process that makes foods more stable, allowing them to sit on shelves for an extremely long time. You’ll know if your dogs’ peanut butter contains trans fats if it has hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils in the ingredients. If it does, don’t buy it.