Dog Facts

Do dogs eat mint?


Dogs cannot eat mint.

Leaves of mint plants are known for their distinctive, pleasant aroma and flavor. While many types of mint are safe for dogs to eat and even included in some types of dog treats, others are toxic and should be avoided in a dog-friendly garden.

People use mint to freshen their breath and usually the common types of mint like the peppermint and wintergreen that are harvested in the yard and garden don’t pose any threat and are safe for your dog.

Another type of mint known as pennyroyal is extremely harmful for dogs; this type of mint is also not good for humans. Pennyroyal mint is an excellent insect repellent. After eating pennyroyal mint your dog will suffer from vomiting, diarrhea and other forms of stomach upsets. If your dog is pregnant and has eaten this type of mint, it can lead to miscarriage.

Even if your dog isn’t pregnant, it will suffer from certain symptoms and it is advisable to rush to the veterinarian for immediate medical attention.