Dog Facts

Do dogs eat celery?


Yes, dogs can eat celery.

Dogs can eat celery but they don’t usually get very excited about this vegetable. The only time they are really interested in celery is when you are cooking with it.

Celery is packed with nutrition. There are some health benefits that celery has offer your pooch.

Celery is rich in vitamins A, B, C; calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium; contains organic sodium that is essential for your dog’s well-being; essential amino acids; greatly improves the heart health of your dog and combats cardiovascular diseases; helps in lowering blood pressure; lowering cholesterol levels; fights cancer; helps in improving the oral condition of your dog; is an excellent low calorie treat for your dog; is a great source of dietary fiber; helps keep your dog’s immunity system in excellent shape; helps get rid of toxins in the body; promotes good kidney health and good urinary tract health.

Before you feed your dog celery, you should make sure that you cut them down into small pieces, so your dog can easily chew. You should remove any leaves and the strings before giving some to your dog. Like many vegetables, dogs can have a hard time digesting the raw celery, unless it is pureed or cooked a little. It tends to pass through their digestive tract without being much changed.

Any celery you feed your dog should be served to them raw, cooked, boiled or whatever else you could think of. You may even cook some celery, mashing it up a little and adding some to a portion of dog food.

Feeding your dog too much celery can cause them to have stomach upset and diarrhea. Consuming celery is fine for dogs to do as an occasional treat.

You should introduce celery to your dog’s diet slowly, to avoid any potential health problems or adverse reactions.