Dog Facts

Do dogs drink beer?


Big NO!

Beer is the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, and the third-most popular drink, after water and tea.

The basic ingredients of beer are:

  • water
  • starch source, such as malted barley, able to be saccharified (converted to sugars) then fermented (converted into ethanol and carbon dioxide)
  • brewer’s yeast to produce the fermentation
  • flavoring such as hops

A mixture of starch sources may be used, with a secondary starch source, such as maize (corn), rice or sugar, often being termed an adjunct, especially when used as a lower-cost substitute for malted barley.

Anyway, alcohol in beer is dangerous for your dog!

According to the Pet Poison Helpline alcohol is especially poisonous to small dogs, and it can even cause death if drinked too much.

Alcohol in any form is dangerous for dogs!

First, dehydration is a serious risk with alcohol. It is a risk in humans as well, but the risk is even greater in dogs due to their smaller body size. Dogs need a lot of water to stay healthy. If they drink beer instead of water they will not get the hydration they need.

Other dangers to dogs include depression of the nervous system, cardiac arrest and low blood sugar, which can cause seizures and brain damage.

So, keep a beer for yourself!