Dog Facts

Do all dogs like to fetch?


Sure thing!

Fetch is a favorite game of many dogs. Most people are fond of this game because they can play it while standing still. You can use many different fetch objects, from a simple stick to a ball or a disc. Some balls glow in the dark or have an internal flashing light, so you can even use them for a quick game of fetch when you get home from work on a dark winter night.

Bumpers (plastic cylinders that float and have a rope attached to one end) are a favorite fetch toy for many Retrievers, especially for retrieving on water. The rope makes them easier to throw, too.
Many dogs like to chase flying discs as well. The way the disc floats in the air and changes directions is very exciting to the canine hunter.

Be careful when playing fetch with a flying disc. Throw the disc just above the ground so your dog doesn’t have to leap up to catch it. Dogs can suffer severe injuries by twisting their backs or by landing on their rear legs when trying to catch a disc. Try to find a floppy one, made of rubber, to reduce the risk of hurting your dog’s teeth.