Breeds 101



The recorded history of  the Deerhound begins in the Middle Ages; In the 16th century, the Deerhound was valued for its hunting by Scotish nobility; It was the time when it could not be owned by anyone lower than earl.

The Deerhound was developed to course deer through the dense forests of the Scottish Highlands; The felling of the forests in the early 1700s and the introduction of the gun for hunting, this breed lost its popularity.

The descent of the clan system in 1746 threatened the breed extinction, but the breed was revived by a local breeder Duncan McNeil in the early 1800s.

Today, the Deerhound is most common in South Africa, but in Scotland its numbers are small. These dogs can still be found in lure coursing events, in the show ring and in people homes who have space for such a graceful and gentle giant.

The Deerhound is a good-natured breed; it gets on well with other dogs.


Giant; Females: 28-plus inches, 75 to 95 pounds; Males: 30 to 32-plus inches, 85 to 110 pounds.


Dark blue gray, gray, brindle, yellow and sandy red and red fawn.


Good with children; reserved with strangers; willing to please, but independent; quiet, gentle, dignified and mellow.

Energy level:

Low to moderate.

Best owner:

Athletic owner in a home with a big-size backyard.


Daily exercise,leash, fenced yard, human companionship; soft bedding; occasional scissoring and stripping.

Life expectancy:

8 to 10 years.