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Cesky Fousek


This responsive dog is one of Bohemia's most popular hunting dogs.

Cesky Fousek is a multi-purpose worker, it points, sets and then retrieve from land and water.

At ease in the home, it is almost always amenable with children.

Some individuals can be particularly headstrong and need firm control.

It is possible that ancestors of the Czesky Fousek were pointing and setting wildfowl in the 1400s.

Last century, the breed was reconstituted with the infusion of German Wirehaired and Shorthaired Pointer bloodlines.

First breed to written standards in the late 1800s, the excellent Czesky Fousek deserves recognition outside its native land.

Mid-sized dog. Males height 60-66 cm (24-26 in), females 58-62 cm (23-24 in).
Weight for males 28-34 kilograms (62-75 lb), females 22-28 kilograms (49-62 lb).

Color: Brown/white; brown

Hunting dog able to adapt to any sort of terrain and type of hunting.
Can be used for upland and waterfowl hunting, as well as tracking large game. Fantastic family dog as well as excellent hunting dog.

Energy level: Medium to high.

Best owner:
Hunter, athletes in suburban or rural home.

With regular exercise, this breed makes an attractive, obedient companion, although it is best suited to the countryside.

Life expectancy: 12-13 years.