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The Borzoi, a graceful, elegant Sight Hound, known as the Russian Wolfhound before 1936.

In Russia , borzoi is a general term for sight hounds, with the Tasy, Taigan, South Russian Steppe Hound and Chortai, all being classified as borzois.

The Borzoi was developed by the Russian aristocracy to protect its Russian masters from wolves and to hunt them, often in packs of more than a hundred dogs. The dogs would grab their prey behind the ears, and hold it to the ground.The size, speed, strength and symmetry of this breed made it a superb hunter.

This breed is probably descended from the Saluki, Greyhound and a lean variety of Russian sheepdog.

The first Borzoi was brought to the U.S. from England in 1889; today the breed is prized for its beauty and talent in the show ring, as well as its skill in lure coursing.

For almost a century, the breed has been bred outside Russia only for companionship; losing its interest for hunting, it has become a gentle companion for people of all ages.


Large; Females: 26 to 30 inches, 65 to 85 pounds; Males: 28 to 33 inches, 85 to 105 pounds.


Any color, with or without markings.


Affectionate with family; reserved with strangers; sensitive, well mannered, intelligent; strong chase instinct.

Energy level:


Best owner:

Active owner with fenced yard.


Daily exercise (leashed walk and a sprint in a good secured area), socialization, patient and consistent obedience training, regular brushing and bathing.

Life expectancy:

10 to 12 years.