Breeds 101

Black and Tan Coonhound


American coonhounds are among the world's most specialized breeds, with a highly developed instinct to follow the scent trail of raccoon or opossum and tree the animal.

An all-American breed, the Black and Tan Coonhound was developed from other Scent hounds used to hunt raccoons and bears in rugged terrain.

Following in the footsteps of their Bloodhound ancestors, the Black and Tan trails with nose to the ground and is a determined hunter even in the worst conditions. The dog’s deep voice enables a hunter to find him after he’s treed his quarry.

Once the quarry has been cornered, the coonhound remains at the tree, baying until the hunters arrives.

The Black and Ten is the most common coonhound and is assertive, watchful and obedient.

Registered with the AKC in 1945, the breed is favored more for hunting than as a show dog or pet.

Size: Large, 65 to 100 pounds; females 23 to 25 inches; males 25 to 27 inches.

Color: Coal black with tan markings.

Temperament: Mellow, even tempered, calm; friendly and playful, but reserved with strangers. Strong trailing instincts make training difficult.

Energy level: Moderate.

Best owner: Hunter or family with large, secured backyard.

Needs: Daily exercise, leash, consistent training, tolerance of loud baying and drooling. Grooming, with special attention to the ears and exercise are important.

Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years.