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Are dogs and parrots good friends?

parrot and dogThe short answer is, not really.

Common household pets like dogs are naturally predatory creatures. In the wild, parrots and other birds fall beneath them on the food chain, so it is likely in most homes that the same rules would apply. This is not to say that there aren’t hundreds of households who successfully keep birds with dogs, because there are.

However, in most of these situations, the pet owners have special circumstances that allow them to supervise their animals properly and ensure that there are no opportunities for a dog to harm their bird. Perhaps they work from home or don’t work at all, or perhaps the way their home is designed allows them to make sure that their birds are kept separate from their other pets.

Dogs are less compatible with parrots. Certain breeds, such as spaniels, poodles and retrievers, are bred for hunting, making them a threat to your bird. Although it is not impossible for parrots and dogs to bond with one another, this will depend on your dog’s personality and disposition. A calm, well-socialized dog may be fine around your parrot. However, a young puppy may be overly playful, causing injury unintentionally. Large parrots can show aggression toward your dog by biting, screeching or flying in his face. This could irritate even the most obedient canine to the point where she lashes out, harming your bird. Some parrots may develop a screaming habit in response to a dog who barks continually.

In addition to the dangers posed to birds by predatory animals, there is also the risk of zoonotic diseases that can be passed back and forth between dogs and birds.

Birds are very fragile and sensitive creatures health-wise, and there are certain viruses and bacteria that could be fatal to them if they are kept in close quarters with other pets.

It is important for potential owners to consider these risks before adopting a bird into an already pet-filled home.